Ugolf in Brazil

According to the Brazilian golf confederation, there are currently 120 golf courses in Brazil (18 holes and 9 holes combined) and 10,000 licensed players.
This imbalance in the ratio between the large number of courses and the low number of golfers poses the challenge of increasing the number of licensed golfers in Brazil in the future.
Ugolf has decided to meet this challenge by implementing the strategy which has resulted in it becoming the leading golf course company in the world: making golf accessible to all.

The Ugolf method, a success in France and internationally

The Ugolf coaching method has proved itself in creating new players in France. Through its Academy, Ugolf has in fact succeeded in increasing the number of licensed players in France, namely 5,000 new licensees per year, which makes it the leading company in France.
At the same time, Ugolf has exported its Academy successfully abroad within Europe and to North Africa, Asia and Oceania and now to South America in Brazil.
In addition to the high-quality of the lessons dispensed, Ugolf offers an all-inclusive package aimed at many Brazilians who are already players as well as at their families and friends.
Golf must not be a sport simply reserved for the elite and it is Ugolf’s ambition to take the sport to a much wider audience.

With UGolf, playing golf has never been so easy.


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São Paulo – SP
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The team

Director: Fabien Donoyan

Fabien Donoyan is the Director of Ugolf Americas. With a passion for golf, he has 28 years’ experience as a coach and has taken part in developing the Ugolf Academy in France and on the five continents.