LeClub Golf, the leading network in Europe. Over 130 golf courses in France and nearly 700 worldwide!

The LeClub Golf is a network of nearly 700 courses around the world and more than 130 courses in France. Nearly 50,000 golfers play in all seasons or travel around the world using the Classic or Gold cards.

The LeClub Golf network mainly works around its 2 Cards (Classic and Gold) which give holders a right to reductions on green fees of between 20 and 50% and a loyalty programme which has its own “FEE” virtual currency. With FEEs, you can obtain green-fees and stays in the Gift shop or use them as gift vouchers.

2017 INNOVATION – The Classic Green Fee pack
The Classic card combined with a green fee on the golf course of your choice (in France only) for 69 euros until december 31th 2017.

LeClub Golf around the world

The LeCLub Golf is the leading network of partner golf courses in Spain with 39 golf courses, one of the most popular countries for French players.
The LeClub network is present in the rest of the world with prestigious partners:

Arnold Palmer Management and its 48 golf courses in the USA
Green Pass Golf and 48 golf courses in Italy
Le Grand Club Ireland and more than 13 courses in Ireland
ISportSX, a network of more than 295 courses in China (95 to date apply discounts for cards)
Crowngolf and 23 golf courses in England
Orizonte golf and 6 courses in Portugal around Lisbon

Loyalty program, LeClub Golf

Take advantage of the benefits offered by LeClub Golf here

The cards
LeClub Golf “CLASSIC” and “GOLD”
From 20 to 50% discounts on green fees and many benefits for stays and weekends at the most beautiful resorts in France, Spain and Morocco.
• The CLASSIC card is for golfers who move around and prefer to play on different golf courses as they wish.
• The GOLD card is dedicated exclusively to members or subscribers of network golf courses who want to enjoy up to a 50% discount on green fees.

Discount vouchers
€5 reduction for every €60 of purchases. Receive a €5 coupon for every 100 fees.
Can be used depending on the partners for green fees, tuition, lessons, golf carts and the proshop. This reduction also applies to certain network golf-hotels and on trips organised by our partner agency, TEE OFF TRAVEL

Programme details


  • -20% on your green-fees on all days – with no time constraints for 12 months
  • Play on nearly 700 courses in France and abroad
  • The card costs €30 or from €44 with a green-fee included
  • Vouchers worth €5 for every €60 of purchases
  • Gift shop: Green-fees and stays with your FEES
  • Enjoy our “Privilege” stay offers
  • Concierge service abroad conciergerie@leclub-golf.com


  • Only for the LeClub Golf Network account holders
  • From -30% to -50% off on you Green Fees every day without time restriction all year
  • + every Classic Card benefits

The Fees : currency for the fidelity program
FEEs are earned by spending on the golf courses and partners of the network.
In return, the holders of CLASSIC or GOLD cards benefit from reductions on certain products.
€1 spent = 1 FEE on your account on your purchases of green fees, golf carts, proshop, restaurant and stays in France (not booked by one of our travel partners)
€3 spent = 1 FEE on your account for your stays with the Tee Off Travel travel agency (exclusive partner)
The Classic card combined with a green fee on the golf course of your choice (in France only)


One of the largest amateur competitions with qualifying rounds in 20 countries in 2017, national finals and the grand international final (at the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa in Mauritius in 2018).

The Paris Golf Tour combines golf and art of living. 29 exclusive competitions in Ile-de-France. A 100% Art of Living service (Stay, wine, champagne). Every year, a guest destination (Costa del Sol for the 2017 edition)

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