If you are new to golf and want to learn to play, or if you are a seasoned golfer looking to hone your skills, UGOLF necessarily has a range of classes for you. When you enrol in the UGOLF Academy, you will take golf classes that are in line with your skill level, your budget and your interests.

Are you a beginner?

Between free introductory classes, packages of a few hours to familiarize yourself with the main techniques of the game, and longer packages to earn your Green Card certification as a seasoned golfer, you will necessarily find the right product for you. You can start learning to play from as little as €29 per month.

Let yourself get caught up in the game!

Are you an experienced golfer?

Nos offres : Enseignement

Group classes, private lessons, guidance on the course and more…

Reap the benefits of sound advice from our State-certified instructors, to improve your long and short games.

A comprehensive package of group classes is available, starting from €45 monthly.

You can also take advantage of private lessons. Expect to spend €30 for 30 minutes with an instructor all to yourself.

Golf, pure and simple!

Do you want your child to learn to play golf?

Nos offres : Enseignement 5

Are you searching for the ideal sport and leisure activity for your child? Look no further! Discover our “Adventure” range and enrol your youngster in golf school!

Throughout the school year, they will be able to enjoy an outdoor activity, in the company of kids their own age, that combines thoughtfulness, concentration and the development of motor skills.

Golf school is open to all children ages 4 to 18. Any UGOLF course would be delighted to teach your child, from baby golf to tournaments. To enrol your child, you will be asked to provide a medical certificate of aptitude, a recent ID photo, your FFGolf (French Golf Federation) licence and annual dues for the sport association.

Get away, play and improve!

Do you want to attend a golf clinic?


We offer golf clinics for experienced players who want to work on a specific aspect of their technique, for beginners who want to learn the basics, and kids during school holidays. In France and Spain, you will necessarily find the right clinic to satisfy your expectations.

Get away from the world!