UGOLF Academy: creator of golfers

The UGOLF Academy stands for 10,000 students accompanied annually, 2,500 children in golf school and 100 salaried instructors.

For the last 30 years, UGOLF has been capitalizing on its academy and its instructors. With more than 20,000 players initiated into the sport each year, the UGOLF Academy is the leading creator of golfers in France. It allows everyone from beginners to the most experienced golfers to learn and refine their skills with pleasure and a sense of togetherness. UGOLF makes it a point of pride to offer the best possible training to its 100 instructors, for example by giving them the chance to meet international coaches (like Mike Thomas and Chris Como), get certified and attend seminars.


UGOLF is banking on digital technologies, from its UGOLF Live classes (by video chat) to its software tools like TrackMan, Rapsodo and Smart2Move.

UGOLF Academy 8

A word from Fabien Donoyan, Director of the UGOLF Academy

UGOLF Academy 10

« The UGOLF Academy was founded more than 30 years ago. Nowadays, that tradition of sharing knowledge and know-how lives on in our team of instructors. All our pros are trained on the latest cutting-edge technologies (like TrackMan, Rapsodo and Smart2Move) and are also supported year round by big name coaches. Our primary aim is to share our passion for the game with people young and old, regardless of their level. Our instructors are dedicated to guiding you so you can achieve rapid, lasting results. For that reason, the golf course will be the focus of your learning, from your first few minutes playing the sport.

With the UGOLF Academy, you can advance at your own pace, whether you want to enjoy golf as a pastime or rise to a competitive level. Why hesitate? Sign up today!