UGOLF, serving the golfers of today and tomorrow

UGOLF aims to reach not only all golfers (members, players on green fees or taking lessons) but, beyond that, the golfers of tomorrow: interesting, attracting and captivating new players.

The UGOLF network has 47 golf courses throughout France, around Paris, in Brittany, Normandy, southwestern, southeaster and eastern France, and more. Wherever you are, there’s always a UGOLF course nearby!

Our golf courses also await you overseas, with 3 divided between New Caledonia and French Polynesia, 7 golf courses in Murcia and Andalusia, and lastly 1 golf course in Rwanda, at Kigali .

Three collections to meet the needs of every golfer

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To give our players the broadest possible array of choices, UGOLF has divided our 58 golf courses into three ranges:

Daily Golf:

for fast, daily play in urban areas.

Garden Golf:

for a sporting getaway with family or friends in preserved nature.

Exclusiv Golf:

for play on signature courses within remarkable architectural settings.

UGOLF Academy: No. 1 creator of golfers in France

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UGOLF capitalizes on its academy and instructors!

With more than 20,000 golfers initiated into the sport each year, 5,000 new players trained annually and 2,500 children in golf school, the UGOLF Academy is the leading creator of golfers in France.

UGOLF makes it a point of pride to offer the best possible training to its 100 instructors, for example by giving them the chance to meet international coaches (like Mike Thomas and Chris Como), get certified and attend seminars.

UGOLF has gone digital with:

An online class reservation system for use by students, instructors and golf course reception desks.

Technological tools like TrackMan or Rapsodo (a radar system which analyses player swing and delivers the data to a computer, tablet or smartphone) and Smart2Move (dynamic measurement of pressure, force and acceleration using plates that offer the highest standards for technical precision in the world).