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Book your green fees at any of our 66 golf courses around the world! We have 58 courses in France, in the greater Paris region, in the west of the country (Brittany, Normandy, etc.), the east (Metz, Nancy, Reims, etc.), the southwest (Toulouse, Lacanau, Bordeaux, etc.), the southeast (Marseille, Lyon, Avignon, etc.) and France’s overseas territories (New Caledonia, French Polynesia).

In Spain, the area around Murcia will welcome you with open arms, with its three courses ideally located between the mountains and the sea. You can also golf in Andalusia (in Seville, Almería or Huelva) and in Cáceres. In total, seven courses await you under the sun.

Finally, in Rwanda, the Kigali Golf Resorts and Villas has opened in July 2021.

Wait no more. Come and try the UGOLF experience for yourself!

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Along with its subsidiary LeClub Golf, UGOLF has made itself a major actor today, with 800 golf courses around the world, and a real reference in the field, not only for its 30,000 registered members, but also for institutions, pros and owners who place their trust in us each day to manage their courses.


To get all French people started playing golf! In parallel to the emergence of other outdoor sports, the world of is opening up, making fans of new players, regardless of gender, age, background or social class. Golf has something for everyone: between physical activity, competitions and leisure, it offers a fun, accessible and open approach.

With UGOLF, anyone can play golf, with your friends, family, co-workers or even on your own, amidst soothing surroundings of preserved nature.

Whether you are an experienced golfer who wants to improve your performance in tournaments, an occasional player who wants to have a great day on the fairway or a beginner who wants to learn this exciting sport, UGOLF is made for you. Discover all our services and options, and then enter the world of UGOLF!

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